Have recently been to a great kinesiology workshop on Primary reflexes. If these reflexes are not fully integrated in children, it can lead to issues through childhood and into adulthood.  Issues such as dyslexia, balance, coordination, anxiety, and many more. Learnt new techniques to help make a massive difference to people, very simple and quick!

A great result with a client with borderline low thyroid function and raised antibodies. Worried about the possibility of taking thyroxin, she sought help from kinesiology, her latest blood test six months on shows normal antibody levels and no further action required. She is much relieved and feeling more in control of her own health, plus she has greater energy and sense of well-being.

Still some appointments available. Kinesiology can benefit children in lots of ways, fsuch as helping with inexplicable aches and pains, anxiety issues, food intolerances, eczema and asthma. Plus they find it fun!

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Wishing you much health and happiness in 2013.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas day yesterday.  Maybe time to start thinking about more energy, shedding pounds and curbing sugar cravings? Kinesiology can help with all this, contact me to book your appointment for the new year.

I will be giving taster sessions on Friday 19th at Fitzmaurice School, Bradford-on-Avon, for their Pamper Evening. Come along and see me!