Appointment Information

What happens during an appointment?

At your first session, a thorough medical history is taken. You will lie fully clothed on a couch and muscle tests will be performed, generally on your arms and legs. A test involves me gently applying pressure on a limb and you meeting or resisting my pressure. It is not an arm wrestling contest or a test of strength in any way! The muscle will either lock in place (a strong muscle) or give way (a weak muscle).

Corrections will be performed to strengthen weak muscles. These will include identifying nutritional support, using Bach flower remedies for emotional stress relief , energy balances of meridians, holding reflex points to increase blood flow and massage of lymphatic points to assist lymph drainage.

Kinesiology sessions are entirely client led, and as such are individual and unique to each person. People may have the same symptoms but the underlying cause may be different; three clients could complain of back pain which could be due to three different reasons. Advice on lifestyle and/or dietary changes, together with recommendations for nutritional supplements will be given where appropriate.

Your first session generally lasts up to an hour with subsequent sessions also one hour.

Kinesiology sessions are relaxing, non-invasive, painless and drug-free!

How many sessions?

This depends on the individual, your health issues and how fully you follow the suggestions.

People usually notice an improvement after 2 to 3 sessions. We suggest 3 to 6 visits, (one every 4 weeks) with routine balances 2 – 3 times a year to maintain good health. After all, we take our cars for a regular service and MOT! Minor health issues can build up over time and kinesiology is undoubtedly best used preventatively.

Prices Adults and Children

Initial session – £50

This includes consultation
Please allow up to an hour (Children’s sessions may be shorter depending on age and attention span!)

Follow-up sessions – £50

Approximately one hour

Taster session – £10

Approximately  15 mins


It is likely you will be recommended a course of nutritional supplements to help your return to good health.  These will be charged separately.

Supplements are available from

The Natural Dispensary –
(Use code CFM010 for a 10% discount)
01453 757792

Cytoplan – if you are a client and have lost your discount code, please contact me

Metabolics – (Use code 123643 for discount) 01380 814781

Active Silver – (Use code CM10) 07914 694549